Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Seafoodsouq.com. Seafood Souq General Trading LLC, is a limited liability company incorporated in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (the “UAE”), having commercial license number 816468 (referred to as “Seafood Souq”, the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our”) providing services to you when you access our e-commerce platform by visiting our website seafoodsouq.com (the “Site”), through which we enable you to purchase seafood products from various vendors.

By accessing the Site, you agree unconditionally and fully accept these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”) governing the use of the Site and sale of all products and services through and in connection with the Site. We recommend that you review these T&Cs carefully.


Affiliate means with respect to any entity, any other entity that directly or indirectly controls, is controlled by, or is under common control with that entity.

Ancillary Services means the additional services provided to Buyers by Seafood Souq, including Delivery Service, Customer Service and Payment Processing.

Buyer means any person registered on the Platform as a buyer.

Buyer’s Account means the Buyer’s account on the Platform through which the Buyer can purchase Products from Sellers.

Customer Service means customer service provided to Buyers in respect of Orders.

Delivery Fee means the fee charged by Seafood Souq to the Buyer in respect of each Order dispatched to the Buyer.

Delivery Service means the service provided by Seafood Souq whereby it delivers Orders to Buyers.

Intellectual Property Rights means any patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, domain name, moral right or any other intellectual property rights and all ancillary and related rights.

Order means an order placed by a Buyer on the Platform for specified quantity of Products offered by a Seller.

Parties means Buyers, Users and Seafood Souq.

Payment Processing means the processing of payments in respect of Orders.

Platform means Seafood Souq’s e-commerce platform on the Site where vendors can offer to sell their Products to other businesses.

Platform Service means the service whereby Seafood Souq allows Users access to the Platform and allows Buyers to place Orders.

Products means seafood and seafood related products.

Registration means the registration of a User as a Buyer to use the Platform to place an Order.

Sales Price means in respect of each Order (i) the price of the Product ordered; (ii) shipping and handling charges; (iii) any taxes and custom’s duty payable in respect of the Order; and (iv) the Delivery Fee.

Seller means a vendor registered as a seller on the Platform and offering Products for sale on the Platform.

Seller’s Account means the Seller’s account on the Platform through which the Seller can upload a list of Products it wishes to offer for sale on the Platform in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement.

Services means the services provided by Seafood Souq to the Users, including access to the Site and the Platform, as well as the Ancillary Services.

Site means the website available at www.seafoodsouq.com, and any other replacement or successor website.

UAE means the United Arab Emirates.

UAE Dirhams or AED means the legal currency of the United Arab Emirates.

User means any and all persons accessing the Site.

Wallet means the digital wallet system through which Buyers can pay Sellers on the Platform.

Under the T&Cs, where the context admits:

reference to a clause, schedule or paragraph is to a clause, schedule or a paragraph of these T& Cs;

reference to a clause, schedule or paragraph is to a clause, schedule or a paragraph of these T& Cs;

reference to the Parties includes, where appropriate, their representatives, successors, nominees and permitted assigns;

words denoting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa;

words denoting a gender include every gender;

references to person(s) or an expression denoting a natural person includes bodies corporate or unincorporated, any state or agency thereof, partnership, association, two or more persons having a joint common interest, or any other legal or commercial entity and all such words shall be construed interchangeably;

any reference to “writing” or cognate expressions includes a reference to facsimile, e-mail or comparable means of communications;

if there is any inconsistency between the definitions set out in this clause and the definitions set out in any clause or Schedule, then for the purposes of construing such clause or Schedule, the definitions set out in such clause or Schedule shall prevail;

all dates and periods shall be in accordance with the Gregorian calendar; and headings and underlining in these T&Cs are for ease of reference only and do not affect the construction of any provisions.

Conditions of Use

Please read these T&Cs carefully prior to using the Services, including accessing the Site or placing an Order. By using these services, you confirm and acknowledge your agreement to be bound by these T&Cs.

By accepting these T&Cs you hereby confirm that you are over 18 years of age. Seafood Souq does not sell Products to anyone under the age of 18.

Seafood Souq retain the right to amend the T&Cs at any time by posting the revised terms and conditions on the Site. The amended T&Cs will be in force from the day they are posted on the Site.[All Buyers will notified by email of a change in the terms and conditions.] Buyers who have already placed an Order prior to the change in T&Cs that has not been delivered at the time of amendment of the T&Cs shall be bound by the previous T&Cs in respect of that particular Order.

Subject to compliance with these T&Cs, Seafood Souq grants you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable license to access the Site and Platform. The license does not allow you to copy, reproduce or download any information, text, images, Product descriptions, Product pricing, and any other content on the Site or the Platform (“Seafood Souq Content”) for the purpose of re-selling, redistributing or re-publishing the Seafood Souq Content, mass mailing (whether digital or otherwise), operating a business that competes with Seafood Souq or otherwise commercially exploiting the Seafood Souq Content. Use of the Seafood Souq Content for any purpose not expressly permitted under these T&Cs is prohibited.

Systemic retrieval of Seafood Souq Content from the Site or Platform to create or compile, whether directly or indirectly, a database, a collection, a compilation or a platform whether similar to the Platform or not is prohibited.

You understand that some of the Seafood Souq Content displayed on the Site or Platform may be provided by third parties, including the Sellers (“Third Party Content”) and Seafood Souq shall not be responsible for the accuracy or truthfulness of any Third Party Content and shall not be liable to any User for any loss or damaged caused by or in connection with such Third Party Content.

Seafood Souq is not responsible for the conduct of any other User on the Site or the Platform.

No User shall use the Site, the Platform or the Services to infringe the Intellectual Property Rights or any other rights of any other person in any way. Users who infringe Intellectual Property Rights or any other rights of others may be barred from accessing the Site, and in the case of Buyers, the Accounts of such persons may be suspended or terminated, as determined by Seafood Souq in its sole discretion.

Seafood Souq may also restrict access of a User and suspend or terminate the Account of a Buyer, if in its sole discretion, it determines that the User’s conduct is detrimental to Seafood Souq, its Users or Sellers. Seafood Souq also retains the right to restrict access of a User or to suspend or terminate a Buyer’s Account without any cause in our sole discretion.

No User shall take any steps to undermine the integrity of the computer systems used by Seafood Souq or its Affiliates or attempt to gain unauthorized access to such computer systems or networks.

Users shall not manipulate Seafood Souq’s rating system by submitting unsubstantiated or fake reviews.

While accessing the Site or the Platform, User’s shall not submit fraudulent information, make fraudulent offers, seek to defraud other Users or Sellers;

undertake any illegal activity or use the Site or the Platform for any illegal purpose;

impersonate any person or entity, misrepresent themselves or its affiliation with any person or entity;

violate any applicable law;

extract and or reutilize parts of any content on the Site or the Platform;

utilize any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools to extract any substantial parts of the content on the Site or Platform;

be obscene, defamatory, libelous, or unlawfully threaten or harass other Users; and

upload or transfer any computer viruses or other destructive devices and codes that may have the effect of damaging, interfering with, intercepting or expropriating any software or hardware system, data or personal information.