About Us

We’re creating a digital ecosystem for global seafood trade

We’re here to revolutionize the seafood industry

At Seafood Souq our mission is to solve the biggest problems in the seafood industry by creating an efficient, resilient and transparent supply chain; tackling fraud and the exploitation of our oceans

Our digital ecosystem allows you to order seafood from anywhere in the world with full supply chain traceability

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A digitized supply chain

We’ve created a more efficient supply chain, simplified the RFQ process and provide you with full supply chain traceability.

1 in 5 seafood products are mislabelled globally*, these can be endangered species, not fit for consumption, or not responsibly sourced.

Every order comes with our certified traceability technology, SFS Trace giving you complete transparency from source.

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A sustainable future for seafood

Our work supports four of the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals and we’re a proud contributor to the UN Decade of Ocean Science Special Edition 2021.

By joining our digital ecosystem together we can:,

Build a global ecosystem for seafood trade
Reduce seafood
Promote responsible
Collect valuable
Educate and encourage sustainable seafood choices

Join us on our mission for a sustainable future.

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